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We service and repair all major brands and types of HF solid state transceivers and solid state and tube amplifiers - ALPHA, ACOM, EXPERT, YAESU, TOKYO HY-POWER, KENWOOD, TENTEK AND AMERITRON.We also service and repair all major brands of VHF, UHF, HF radios ranging from ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, ALINCO etc.



We can design and develop the communication infrastructure to suite your business needs according to the nature of business you are in to.



PWe supply communications equipment’s to various fields ranging from Amateur, Commercial, Maritime, Aviation, Civil, & Military.



We provide all kind of Antenna and Radio installation services for mobile, fixed and maritime mobile stations.



We provide repair services ranging from simple maintenance tasks to major overhauls and alignment.

Our Sales Consultants and Account Managers are available for you and will guide you through identification of your communication needs, which enables them to select and propose the best solution for you. Many years of experience and product and application knowledge enables our team to select and configure the right product solution for you, assuring best value for your investment. Our Account Managers have an in-depth understanding of your radio applications and your business environment.

Our technical services team is here for you. We design, develop, manufacture, assemble & integrate radio communication solutions according to your requirements. Over the past 40 years we developed tailored solutions for many of our customers in the Qatar. From digital multi-site radio solutions, to marine shore-to-ship dispatch systems, aviation radio integrations and cross-band communication systems, we developed solutions for the requirements of our clients. Contact us in cases where a standard off-the-shelf "out of the box" solution does not meet your requirements. Our team will guide you through the process from consultation through design/integration to implementation.

Our skilled team at our service center provides maintenance, (re)programming and repair services of the equipment and systems of our numerous customers. They take ownership of customer issues reported and ascertain that all your technical problems are resolved. By researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting and identifying system or component failures, each issue is solved, tracked and managed through our ticketing system for reference and reporting. To ensure minimum downtime and continuous operation of mission critical radio system installations, we also provide tailored Service Level Agreements. They usually include periodic preventive and/or corrective maintenance of your mobile radio system, guaranteed response times for mission critical failures, special rates on repairs, including spare parts and consumables. Call us and we will work out an appropriate SLA for your requirements.

Amateur radio is a technical hobby, which combines the skills and interest needed to establish a radio amateur station with the social aspects of liaising and communicating with others involved in radio amateur circles world-wide. Radio amateurs use a wide variety of radio communications equipment to communicate with each other and may provide emergency communications in situations of distress.


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